Meetings - Tips and Conduct

A chance to advertise / find out about BMW related meetings around the UK

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Meetings - Tips and Conduct

Post by Mints » Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:52 pm


- Make it appealing

You want as many people to attend as possible, right? So putting some effort into the way you word it will help enormously, treat it as an advertisement.


- Be Clear

No one likes to have to sift though a 10-page thread just to find out the adjusted time and venue for a meet. Be sure to update the first post with the latest information.

Use Bullet points and make use of the tools at the top of the text box. For example make titles bold or iitalic, perhaps use the underline. For added clarity of importent points change the colour of some text like red.


- Choose a venue with thought

There are lots of factors to consider when arranging a meet location, for example is there ample parking, is the area accessible to lowered cars (big speed humps?), time restrictions, permission, will members want food and drink facilities? Lots to consider!

I mentioned permission above, this is highly importent guys and girls! Make sure you get it if you know it's required.

- Conduct during the meet

As an organiser you are responsible to ensure the event runs smoothly. Dicking around in a public place just isn't the done thing and e36coupe/ has a highly respected reputation to uphold so have a strong word with anyone out of order when their action is deemed out of place. We're not saying don't have fun, just doing donuts in a Walmart carpark on a sunday evening is only going to lead to 2 things; An accident and the law. Plus the site could get a bad name from it possibly effecting future meet prospects, so please take action if on the rare occasion some idiots do their thing.
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