Diff Question ?

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Diff Question ?

Post by Pecs » Wed Jun 26, 2019 11:01 pm

I'm currently changing the pinion and crown in my diff.
Does anybody know the torque ratings for rebuilding it please as I'm putting a new crush washer on the pinion?

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Re: Diff Question ?

Post by dylan » Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:30 pm

I'm doing this job in a couple of days and found this:

"You'll need a press to press the pinion bearings on/off. There is a shim behind the inner bearing race. This is important and goes w/ your housing, don't forget it. Its what sets the pinion depth. Press the inner pinion bearing on and put it in the housing from the inside. don't forget the crush sleeve. Then you gotta sort of hold it as you start the outter bearing by tapping it. Then you'll need to press it on until it snugs up against the crush washer. Then you put the input flange on and the nut and slowly torque down on the nut to crush the crush sleeve until you get the correct drag torque and/or feel. spec is around 15-20inoz. I crushed the sleeve until i got around 16inoz of drag and an experienced friend agreed that it felt right. Note, you do this without the input seal first because the seal creates a lot of drag when new. So do this all to crush the washer, then take the nut and flange off, tap in the seal, and put the flange and nut back on."

https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/show ... al-Rebuild

Which looks about right when comparing it to the values of other diffs:
https://www.differentials.com/technical ... -up-specs/

I was going to use a bar with a weight on at set distance as my torque wrench as I think it will probably be a bit more accurate than a cheap spring style torque wrench.

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